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Fran Tomeo

                            Welcome to the World of  Cosmetology

                                      WCTS   Secondary Cosmetology

                                                 Frances Tomeo  Teacher

 This is our Homework Page





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                                                          Cosmetology 1,2,3,4 






11/03/2015 12:44:53

The Month of November  Harvest Time

Cosmetology 1

Shamopoo chapter 15 work book practical and Theory text book

We are manicuring hand and arm massage scap treatments and pincurl setting Roller setting and Blowdrying wchich also includes Iron work


Cosmetology 2

Continuing with Haircutting in the practical area we are also in hairstyling in theory text book chapter 17

New marking period bring new assigments


Cosmetology 3

Hari Design chapter 14 

woring on new practical sheets and perm waving and all the various forms of perming along with a bit of color and styling

Cosmetology 4

Review State Boards work testing and reviewing

Shaving chapters