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Welcome to Mr. Muller's homepage for 2017-18 Science.  Subjects being taught are Earth Science for upperclassmen and Environmental Science for freshmen.  Included you'll see the daily assignments and work we'll do in class as well as any homework.  Each day is listed so that you can look back at assignments and stay current.

Besides teaching these subjects, in the past I coached Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball. I also acted as the coordinator for the Bowling Club

SUPPLIES for class:  

     - notebook - your choice, whatever you're comfortable with (spiral, binder, folders, etc.)

     - paper - don't need much - I supply notes and most work on handouts - will just need enough for occasional classwork

     - pen / pencil - again, whatever you're comfortable using but it must be legible - I do not supply one if forgotten

     - book - student will be issued a book to keep at home and one will be supplied in their desk - do not carry their book

     - calculator - there is a classroom set but it is better if you have your own - that you are comfortable using


For updates on daily assignments , please click on the subject to the left or below, then select the Marking Period.



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