Kathy Davis

Ms.K.Davis - Reading Specialist - Homework is assigned on Monday through Thursday evenings. This is either short repeated readings, which is practice with one particular piece of text to improve fluency, or work with vocabulary development to expand working vocabulary and comprehension. Reading homework MUST be signed each day by a parent in order to receive credit for completion. If it is an online assignment, parents can sign that day's agenda page. Students understand that their reading proficiency affects all other aspects of their academic careers. Once or twice per semester, I will also send home the written work that has been completed in class. This is not just to keep parents informed of the progress made in school, but also to provide additional opportunities for students to practice and reinforce skills at home. If there are ever any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am available before 8am and after 3pm daily. Thank you for helping me to help your children.

ONLINE ASSIGNMENT: Go to freerice.com and click on English Vocabulary. As students "play the game" by answering questions, they earn grains of rice that will be donated to feed hungry people all over the world!