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                            Welcome to the World of  Cosmetology

                                      WCTS   Secondary Cosmetology

                                                 Frances Tomeo  Teacher

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                                                 Clinic Hours: Thursday 1pm to 3pm for appt. 908-835-2840

                                                          Cosmetology 1,2,3,4 






Holiday Time in the world of Cosmetology
11/30/2015 12:18:58

The World of Cosmetology Holiday Magic!!

Cosmetology 1
Chapter 5 Infection Control
Work book practical chapter 5
Practical work
Pin curls figure 8 up dos and facials

Cosmetology 2 
Chapter 6 and 7 in the theory book on Skin and Skin Disorders
Practical work
Hair cutting figure 8 and Barrel curls up dos facials

Cosmetology 3
Chemical texturing services
Perms and Relaxers
Work book practical
Perms relaxers cuts udos and color

Cosmetology 4
Shaving and work book related work
All practicals related to cosmetology along with shaving

All chapter work in all classes testing before Christmas break !!

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