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Health Science I
Health Science I students have all signed that they have received and understand how to complete the Summer Math Packet. All students will complete from pp 1-100 for a grade. This binder is due on September 5th, 2017 which is the first day of class. Late work will not be accepted and a zero grade will be assigned. Students will earn their first Exam 1 Math grade for the completion of the first 100 pages. -All work must be shown and correct answer circled. -no calculators are to be used -if a student is unsure, they may receive tutoring on some problems to help reinforce. -Students may not copy answers from others and may not receive outside assistance other that tutoring. -I highly recommend that all students complete the entire packet beyond p 100 but this is all that will be graded.

Have a happy and safe summer! See you in September.

Mrs. T