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Health Science I
12.6.19 we are having a vocabulary quiz on terms from p 424 Vitals from Orthopnea to Wheezing. ________________ Skills we are working on Vital. So far temperature and pulse. Blood Pressure, respirations and Pulse Ox to follow.

Temperature Conversions #2 Monday 11/25/19 Quiz Vocabulary Quiz on first half of terms in Vitals Chapter p 423 is 11/23/19. ________________________ Hoyer Skills begins 11/14/19.

11/18/19 Monday students will be given a temperature Quiz. You must know the formula for Fahrenheit and Celsius. No calculators allowed.

Homework on 11/15/19 due temperature problems from worksheet provided #2 - #23 only. Try not to use calculator at home.

Veterans Day Celebration Friday, 11/15/19 during Periods I and II.

_______________ Math Homework on Ratios due 11/6/19. Study Roman Numerals and Quiz on Monday 11/11/19 ________________ 11/6/19 Infection Topic paper due. Students please use the Rubric that I have under Google Classroom Infection Module. It has the breakdown of grade. All papers are to be placed in classroom bin completed first thing in AM on due date. I will not copy that day it is due but can provide a black-and-white copy. Colored picture is needed for coverpage. _________________________________ 11/1 Friday second 1/2 of Vocabulary Terms on Infection Chapter. Please make sure you know definition to term and vice versa. For Viruses, use textbook definition because glossary definition talks about computer virus. ________________ On 10/31 Students can dress up in class. No masks please and no guns or violent props allowed. _________________ This week 10/1/19 and next week, L&PS and Health Science I will be working together on CPR/AED training. Students will have use of their notes. Exams will be given at the end of next week. __________________ Safety Test tomorrow 9/20/19. Homework math p 3 due tomorrow completed and in my bin at the beginning of class. PPE on Monday 9/23.

DASACC Tuesday - Friday of next week. __________ 9/16/19 Students will continue to practice PPE with hands-on test on 9/23/19.

Safety Quiz on Friday 9/20. Please review the Safety Packet and Notes from the last 1 1/2 weeks that are located on Google Classroom.

Review on fundamental math to reinforce skills and build on Medical Math concepts. ___________ 9/13/19 Students have tested for handwashing. On Monday, we will be teaching Law & Public Safety students how to perform this skill. Teaching others will reinforce our own learning and will build camaraderie between future healthcare and law enforcement partners.

Students, continue to read and review the packet on Safety. We will test on this sometime next week. Also, review the PPE packet on Google Classroom and practice at home with your equipment the donning and doffing.

Have a nice weekend:) _____________________________ 9/9/19 we had a fire drill. Students learned how to assemble and behave for Lockdowns, Shelter-in-Place, Evacuation, and Fire Drills.

Handwashing Skill scheduled for Friday, 9/13/19. Make sure you have moisturized hands well ahead of time. Dry and chapped skin will be an entry site for microorganisms.

Practice PPE skills of donning and doffing gloves. Test TBD. __________________________ Back to School 9/12

DASACC will be here 9/24 - 9/27 for Freshmen Health Science and Law and Public Safety.

Welcome to Health Science.

Signed forms for Course Syllabus and Health Science Rules need to be returned signed no later than 9/6/19. _________________________

See you in September 2019