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Physical Education
Driver's Education



Thursday, April 7th - P.E. final exam, "I Am" and "If" worksheet, worksheets due tomorrow

Friday, April 8th - review health class rules,  Hand in homework,  "I Am"class activity activity

Monday, April 11th - PowerPoint about building blocks of good character, values and harassment/bullying.                                           Students will take notes.

Tuesday, April 12th - Cyber bully movie.  Students will complete worksheet as they view the video.

Wednesday, April 13th - continue movie

Thursday, April 14th - finish movie and discuss video, questions due tomorrow

Friday, April 15th - go over Cyberbully questions

Monday, April 18th - suicide prevention/depression information and video, students take notes

Tuesday, April 19th - quiz on Friday, suicide prevention/depression activity, students take notes

Wednesday, April 20 -quiz on Friday, finish depression/suicide prevention activities

Thursday, April 21 - quiz tomorrow, hand back papers, review for quiz

Friday, April 22 - quiz on character, harassment/bullying, depression, suicide prevention

Monday, April 25 - PAARC testing

Tuesday, April 26 - PAARC teting

Wednesday, April 27 - being notes and discussion of secondary sex characteristics for female & male

Thursday, April 28 - PAARC testing

Friday, April 29 - continue worksheets for female & male reproductive systems, HOMEWORK  (see below) Learning About the Reproductive Systems worksheet.  All answers must be in sentences.

Monday, May 2 - male reproductive system

Tuesday, May 3 - finish male reproductive system 

Wednesday, May 4 - review path of egg and sperm, discuss heredity & Punnett Square

Thursday, May 5 - discussion of conception & pregnancy

Monday, May 9 - finish pregnancy discussion, video review of reproduction, conception & childbirth

Tuesday, May 10 - review for quiz

Wednesaday, May 11 - open note quiz

Thursday, May 12 - start discussion on contraception

Monday, May 16 - contimue contraception discussion and chart

Tuesday, May 17 - students work in pairs to complete contraception chart, homework contraception crossword

Wednesday, May 18 - group activity - which method is best

Thursday May 19 - finish up contraception, short quiz

Friday, May 20 - begin lesson on how drugs affect the brain, begin Weed 1

Tuesday, May 24 - finish Weed 1.  Watch The New Marijuana:  Higher Potency Greater Danger

Wednesday, May 25 - choose debate teams, research facts

Thursday, May 26 - research for debate

Friday, May 27 - Watch video Does Legal Mean Safe?

Wednesday, June 1 - begin to form opening statement for debate, gather facts and start to formulate rebuttal facts.

Thursday, June 2-  view Weed 2

Friday, June 3 - work in groups to make closing statement 

Monday, June 6 - last day to finalize debate opening statement, supporting facts, revuttal and closing statement.

Tuesday, June 7 - Class debate Should marijuana be legalized in all 50 states?

Wednesday, June 8 - discuss debate and begin to review for final.  Pass out study guides

Thursday, June 9 - in class study for final exam.

Friday, June 10th - final exam for 5th period

Monday,  June 13 - no health classes meet

Tuesday, June 14 - no health classes meet

Wednesday, June 15 - Final exam periods 8 & 9