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Warren County Technical School
1500 Route 57     ♦     Washington, New Jersey  07882     ♦     908-689-0122

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Special Education

Special Education CTE Programs

Warren County Special Services School District and Warren County Technical School have partnered up to offer brand new CTE programs at Warren Tech. Below is a list of course offerings:

Introduction to Culinary Arts

The program is designed for the special needs learner who may indicate an interest in Culinary Arts, but lacks the requisite academic skills.  It will specifically prepare students for employment in food service occupations in institutions, hospitals, cafeterias, hotels, and restaurants.  Instruction is geared toward having students trained in all areas of basic food preparation.  Occupations specially addressed are still those in kitchen operations, but as assistants and line cooks as opposed to chef preparation which is done in more advanced Culinary Arts.  This program is 4 years in length.  Students who demonstrate proficiency may be eligible to move into advanced Culinary Arts for specialized training. 

Building/Property Maintenance

This program offers the student an introduction to, as well as exposure in, all areas of the building trade industry.  The program begins with instruction in the use of basic hand and power tools.  Units of study include: Carpentry, electrical wiring, plumbing, painting, landscaping and sheet rocking.  Hands-on experience in the fundamentals required to maintain commerical property, custodial training and basic repair are also available.  This program is also four years in length.

Automotive Service Tech

The Automotive Service Tech program provides students with the basic knowledge in Automotive Technology. Students will learn techniques in cleaning and detailing vehicles, as well as vehicle maintenance. Upon completion students will do various tasks such as tire repair and replacement, fluid service and inspection along with minor suspension and brake repair. This program is designed to provide the student with the ability to move into the Automotive Technology program.

Academic Resource Classes

4 years LLD Language Arts
4 years LLD Math
4 years Physical Education, Health and Drivers Ed
3 years LLD Science
3 years LLD Social Studies
Program Option (Building/Property Maintenance or Culinary Arts)

Mission Statement

The mission of Warren County Technical School is to encourage, stimulate, and guide the academics, vocational, and personal development of our students.  Our goal is to assure that each child carry forward the character, skills, values, and word ethic essential to becoming well adjusted, productive members of society.  Our mission will be accomplished through the cooperation of community, parents, students and staff all working together to promote creativity, high standards, as well as academic and technical competence with an appreciation of individual differences in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Warren County Special Services school district is dedicated to promoting the highest level of positive growth and development through the expectations that all students will achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards at all grade levels.  Through collaboration efforts of the district and the community, we strive to identify and address all social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of our students. 


Any student who has been classified by their districts Department of Special Services is eligible for consideration in our Special Needs Programs.  Acceptance will be through the Warren County Technical School application process.  Classes are limited to 10 students per program. 

Warren County Technical School is a comprehensive high school with a primary focus on career technical education.  Students apply from all school districts in Warren County.  In addition to our rigorous academic classes, students also participate in a full complement of after school activities and sport programs. 

Tuition Charges

$20,000 per student.  Transportation will be included. 


Warren County Technical School   ♦   1500 Route 57   ♦   Washington, NJ 07882   ♦   908-689-0122   ♦  Fax  908-689-9598 

Warren County Technical School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or
age in its education programs and activities, including admission to or employment in such programs or activities.