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Warren County Technical School
1500 Route 57     ♦     Washington, New Jersey  07882     ♦     908-689-0122

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Faculty & Staff Directory



Title Name Email
Superintendent Robert Glowacky
Assistant Superintendent of Business Edmund Zalewski
Principal Geta Vogel
Assistant Principal John Mylecraine
Director of Curriculum and Instruction/ Director of Post Secondary Education Gary Colucci



Robert Cammarota 908-835-2834




Colleen Schiller 908-835-2830


CST Members

Title Name Email Office Hours
School Psychologist Mary Henry Tuesdays
Speech & Language Therapist  Ellen Kassis  
LDTC Karen Williams  
Social Worker Dina Miller





Name Subject Email Homework Link
Chris Banquecer Phys Ed / Health Homework
Michele Beneducci Science Homework
Gerry Bossard English Homework
Elizabeth Clark Paraprofessional Homework
Patricia Colabella Mathematics Homework
Scott Lance History Homework
Stefanie Connolly English Homework
Maryanne Czarnecki Mathematics Homework
Michael Earl Phys Ed / Health Homework
Amanda Engel Special Education Homework
Laura Goodell History Homework
Katherine Ihrie Paraprofessional Homework
Deb Kessel Phys Ed / Health Homework
Dan Lamson Mathematics & Computer Science Homework

Noris Lara

Spanish Homework
Tracy Leal Special Ed / History Homework
Ellen LePera Special Education Homework

David Lettire

English Homework
Kim McCormick Science Homework
Beth Miller Paraprofessional  
Lorraine Miller English Homework
Kenneth Muller Science Homework
Amanda Noll Art for the Trades Homework
Joseph Ofungwu Mathematics Homework
Laurel Osborn Mathematics Homework
Elizabeth Riley Paraprofessional Homework
Heidi SanFilippo Special Education

Ross Segreaves Spanish Homework
Jasmine Slowik English Homework
Jay Werkheiser Science Homework
Ed Yarusinsky History Homework

Career Staff

Name Subject Email Homework
Sam Akin Steel Manufacturing Homework
Lenore Arnold Child Development Homework
Brad Bartow Carpentry And General Construction Homework
Alyssa Derling-Fisher Dramatics And Theater Arts Homework
Raymond Danner Automotive Technology Homework
Vinnie Fattorusso Graphic Arts Homework
Peter Izzo Electrician- Residential/Commercial Homework
Patrick Lilly Culinary Arts Homework
Tim Longacre Automotive Technology Homework
Sean McGeough Engineering Homework
John Metroke Electronics Homework
Kimberly Nodoro Culinary Homework
Patricia Seugling TV, Radio And Digital Media Production

Maria Tamburro Health Sciences

Jeff Tierney Business Management Homework
Fran Tomeo Cosmetology Homework
Robert Wheatley Law and Public Safety


Support Staff

Title Name Email Phone
Transportation / CIE Ray Gara 908-835-2841
Admin Assistant to Superintendent. Anne Drescher 908-835-2814
Admin Assistant to Assistant Supt. of Business. Beth Hachlica 908-835-2817
Admin Assistant to Assistant Supt. of Business. Bristol Jewell 908-835-2833
Guidance Counselor Joe Orchulli 908-835-2821
Guidance Counselor Kristen Sarte 908-835-2820
Guidance Counselor Zana Ziegler-Harbon 908-835-2849
Administrative Secretary Mary Jane Schubert 908-835-2807
Administrative Secretary Angela Galiano 908-689-0122
Administrative Secretary/Guidance Sharon Lentine 908-689-0122
Facilities Manager Steve Daku 908-835-2835
Maintenance Dave Gittins    
Maintenance Bill Winters    
Maintenance Al Miers    
Maintenance Allen Rathjens    
Maintenance Brett Liskowaski    
Maintenance Alton Knerr    
Custodian Marty Nyland    
Custodian Judy Rasely    
Custodian Laurie Hickey    

Warren County Technical School   ♦   1500 Route 57   ♦   Washington, NJ 07882   ♦   908-689-0122   ♦  Fax  908-689-7699 

Warren County Technical School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or
age in its education programs and activities, including admission to or employment in such programs or activities.

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