Warren County Technical School
1500 Route 57 ♦ Washington, New Jersey 07882 ♦ 908-689-0122

Faculty & Staff
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Title Name Email
Superintendent Edmund Zalewski zalewskie@wctech.org
Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Derrick Forsythe forsythed@wctech.org
Twitter: @WCTS_Principal
Assistant Principal John Mylecraine mylecrainej@wctech.org
Director of Curriculum and Instruction /
Director of Post Secondary Education/
Athletic Director
Gary Colucci coluccig@wctech.org
Interim Business Administrator Maureen Joyce joycem@wctech.org

Business Office

Title Name Email Phone
Business Manager Beth Hachlica hachlicab@wctech.org  
Admin Assistant to Superintendent. Anne Drescher dreschera@wctech.org  
Administrative Assistant Lisa Whittle whittlel@wctech.org  


Title Name Email Phone
Technology Systems Manager Robert Cammarota cammarotar@wctech.org 908-835-2834


Title Name Email Phone
School Nurse Colleen Schiller schillerc@wctech.org 908-835-2830

Special Services 

Title Name Email
Director of Special Services John Mylecraine mylecrainej@wctech.org 
Case Manager / Social Worker Sarah Chittenden chittenden@wctech.org
LDTC Kathy Nace nacek@wctech.org


Title Name Email Phone
Guidance Counselor Joe Orchulli orchullij@wctech.org 908-835-2821
Guidance Counselor Kristen Sarte sartek@wctech.org 908-835-2820
Guidance Counselor Zana Ziegler-Harbon zieglerz@wctech.org 908-869-6297



Name Subject Email Homework Link
Chris Banquecer Phys Ed / Health banquecerc@wctech.org Homework
Michele Beneducci Science beneduccim@wctech.org Homework
Gerry Bossard English bossardg@wctech.org Homework
Elizabeth Clark Paraprofessional Clarke@wctech.org Homework
Patricia Colabella Mathematics colabellap@wctech.org Homework
Stefanie Connolly English connollys@wctech.org Homework
Jeanne Cooper Science cooperj@wctech.org Homework
Maryanne Czarnecki Mathematics czarneckim@wctech.org Homework
Greg Dowling Mathematics dowlingg@wctech.org Homework
Amanda Engel Special Education engela@wctech.org Homework
Laura Goodell History goodelll@wctech.org Homework
Deb Kessel Phys Ed / Health kesseld@wctech.org Homework
Nancy Kling Mathmatics klingn@wctech.org Homework
Joanne Krajewski Spanish krajewskij@wctech.org Homework
Dan Lamson Mathematics & Computer Science lamsond@wctech.org Homework
Scott Lance History lances@wctech.org Homework
Noris Lara Spanish laran@wctech.org Homework
Tracy Leal Special Ed / History lealt@wctech.org Homework
Ellen LePera Special Education leperae@wctech.org Homework
Kim McCormick Science mccormickk@wctech.org Homework
Lorraine Miller English millerlo@wctech.org Homework
Amanda Noll Art for the Trades nolla@wctech.org Homework
Laurel Osborn Mathematics osbornl@wctech.org Homework
Stephan Petonak Physical Education petonaks@wctech.org Homework
Heidi SanFilippo Special Education sanfilippoh@wctech.org Homework
Taylor Shafer Special Education shafert@wctech.org Homework
Jasmine Slowik English slowikj@wctech.org Homework
Jay Werkheiser Science werkheiserj@wctech.org Homework

Career Staff

Name Subject Email Homework
Sam Akin Steel Manufacturing akins@wctech.org Homework
Lenore Arnold Child Development arnoldl@wctech.org Homework
Brad Bartow Carpentry And General Construction bartowb@wctech.org Homework
Raymond Danner Automotive Technology dannerr@wctech.org Homework
Vinnie Fattorusso Graphic Arts fattorussov@wctech.org Homework
Tina Giraldi Cosmetology giraldit@wctech.org Homework
Patrick Lilly Culinary Arts lillyp@wctech.org Homework
Tim Longacre Automotive Technology longacret@wctech.org Homework
Sean McGeough Engineering mcgeoughs@wctech.org Homework
John Metroke Electronics metrokej@wctech.org Homework
Patricia Seugling TV, Radio And Digital Media Production seuglingp@wctech.org Homework
Maria Tamburro Health Sciences tamburrom@wctech.org Homework
Jeff Tierney Business Management tierneyj@wctech.org Homework
Ken Wene Electrical wenek@wctech.org Homework
Robert Wheatley Law and Public Safety wheatleyr@wctech.org Homework

Support Staff

Title Name Email Phone
Transportation / CIE Ray Gara garar@wctech.org 908-835-2841
Administrative Secretary Mary Jane Schubert schubertm@wctech.org 908-835-2839
Administrative Secretary Patti Harper harperp@wctech.org 908-835-2838
Administrative Secretary/Guidance Sharon Lentine lentines@wctech.org 908-835-2819
Facilities Manager Steve Daku dakus@wctech.org 908-835-2835
Maintenance Dave Gittins    
Maintenance Bill Winters    
Maintenance Al Miers    
Maintenance Allen Rathjens    
Maintenance Brett Liskowaski    
Maintenance Alton Knerr    
Custodian Marty Nyland    
Custodian Judy Rasely    
Custodian Laurie Hickey