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Warren County Technical School
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The Cosmetology Academy at Warren County Technical School is a four year program designed to prepare students for a career in the cosmetology and barbering fields. The state licensing program is geared towards preparing students for the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling exam.

The program introduces students to skills that can be used in a variety of careers including barber, beautician, hairstylists, manicurists, and skin care specialists. Students in this program can go on to college programs in fashion, design, and other college programs.

Students take the written and practical components of the state licensing exam at the end of their senior year. Upon passing these exams students obtain licensure in the State of New Jersey to begin a career in the field.
This program provides students with guided, hands-on, clinical training through the operation of the Tech-nique Salon on campus. Students participate in activities with local salons and charitable organizations as they build their resume and experiences as they pursue a career in the industry.

Finally, students hone their skills by competing in SKILLS USA in cosmetology, esthetics, nail care, and more. 

Career Pathways in Cosmetology

The Warren Tech Cosmetology Career Academy prepares students for careers in the barbering, hairdressing, and cosmetology industry. Students gain hands-on experience and sit for the state licensing exam. Students also have the option of continuing on to college.


Many students enrolled in the Cosmetology Academy at Warren Tech are preparing to continue their education in college. Some pursue degrees in fashion and use their education in cosmetology as a framework in which to build off of. Others use their cosmetology license to begin working in rewarding careers while pursuing a college education. Warren Tech’s cosmetology licensure program provides in demand career skills that allow students to work way through college while reducing and eliminating student debt.

Work Force Ready/Entrepreneurship
The Cosmetology Program at Warren Tech prepares students for employment straight out of high school.

Students sit for the state licensure exam, develop their skills through
practical application, network with local employers, and participate in community events.

The Cosmetology Program at Warren Tech also prepares students for future Entrepreneurial opportunities in operating a salon or barber shop. Students in the program operate Tech-nique Salon, a full service clinical salon on campus. Students considering entrepreneurship are encouraged to explore post-secondary education opportunities in Business to pair with the cosmetology skills developed at Warren Tech.


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Warren County Technical School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or
age in its education programs and activities, including admission to or employment in such programs or activities.